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How hfa Steered Consumers To Goodyear® At The Point Of Purchase


  • 7% Sales increase compared to the weeks just before and after a promotional event
  • 61% ROI on promotional investment


Goodyear is a category leader in brand awareness and consideration. However, shoppers in the category have low purchase intent for any one tire brand, leaving them open to persuasion at the point of purchase. Promotional offers, including rebates, can help shoppers move forward in the purchase process but are not enough to make consumers choose Goodyear, since rebates have become a common model for the tire industry.


Shoppers are looking for a way to ease the burden of the tire purchase. Their purchase process is often delayed due to barriers such as financial constraint and the overwhelming nature of the process. Goodyear needs to translate their awareness and consideration into purchases by making it easy to follow through and choose Goodyear.


hfa makes Goodyear's promotional offers more impactful by tying them to precise, strategic messaging that is relevant to the target audience, the season and the brand. Promotional messaging also leverages Goodyear's differentiating brand assets as much as possible, further helping Goodyear's point-of-sale marketing to stand out from the clutter and making Goodyear the clear choice for shoppers.