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Spreading Goodwill With The Goodyear® Blimp


  • 51 Minutes using the app per session
  • 10% Of users shared the app with a friend
  • 2.7 Views of the magazine per user


Goodyear was looking for an exciting way to connect with Blimp fans by sharing exclusive information, pictures and videos of its airborne fleet. The solution would need to integrate with the Blimp's active social media fan base and be accessible via tablets and mobile devices.


Fans of the Blimp love to learn about the history of blimps, where they have been and where they are going. Enthusiasts also like to see the view from above and tend to share their Blimp encounters on social media sites.


Using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, hfa created The Goodyear Blimp Magazine to share its treasured view from the skies. Viewers can take a journey through Blimp history, explore a virtual cockpit, watch exclusive videos, get an insider's view from a real Blimp pilot, download pictures and much more! The Goodyear Blimp Magazine is currently available for download via the Apple App Store.

To view sample pages from The Goodyear Blimp Magazine, visit our portfolio.