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Reinventing Goodyear's® Trade Show Experience


  • 90% Participation rate in the iPass game at the conference
  • 42% Of participants reached the minimum iPass point threshold required to win premium prizes
  • 9:51 Average time attendees spent at each key area of the trade show floor


Goodyear needed a better way to track attendance and engagement at its annual North America Dealer Conference. In past years, Goodyear had always relied on post-conference surveys to determine what worked and what didn't, but it needed a more accurate and immediate way to measure effectiveness.


We can use digital technology to track engagement and behavior in real time, acquire objective, consistent data about the overall effectiveness of the trade show and provide Dealers with a more cohesive – and fun – experience.


hfa developed a digital game experience called iPass that used RFID tracking to monitor attendees' activity during the conference. Strategically placed check-in stations drove traffic to key areas throughout the trade show floor and to business seminars. Attendees were awarded points for visiting these areas and participating in activities, and became eligible for prize drawings.

Attendees could track their points through a mobile app that also helped them manage their conference schedules, follow the conference news feed and share photos that were then displayed on digital screens throughout the trade show. Using this integrated technology, we were able to track attendance and duration of engagement for specific content topics to determine their effectiveness and relevancy.

Check out iPass in our portfolio.