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2,000 Local Landing Page Visits in 2 Months


  • 7.6 Million Impressions In The Akron Area
  • 2x The Anticipated Click-Through Rates
  • 2,000 Landing Page Visits Within Just Two Months


Medical Mutual needed to counteract perceptions that insurance providers who had been in the Akron area longer were more invested in the community. The truth is, Medical Mutual is owned by its policyholders and therefore more community-focused than competitors.


hfa found that consumers not only perceived competitors as more invested in the community; they lacked clear perceptions of Medical Mutual altogether.


hfa developed an integrated marketing plan and the "As Much A Part Of Akron As I Am" campaign to engage residents and make clear that Medical Mutual cares about Akron. The plan focused on media strongly tied to the community, including local print, radio and TV as well as billboards and targeted online ads.