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Making An Impact In Multiple Siding Markets


  • 70% Sales growth within 5 years, even as housing starts decreased by 58%
  • 3% Increase in market share within the same time period


LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding needed to increase revenue despite a downturn in new housing construction. At the same time, the brand needed to defend its key differentiators—remarkable beauty and durability—against competitors making the same claims.


Repair, remodel and shed-building projects represented underserved markets with significant sales opportunities. Furthermore, one sale can lead to another; once customers try LP SmartSide products, they're sold.


Through in-depth, "in-the-trenches" research and account planning, hfa identified key opportunities for each market segment and developed a cohesive brand campaign that would be effective in all of them. The campaign boldly touted and proved LP SmartSide's superior impact resistance compared to competitors, giving customers a powerful and truly ownable reason to try the brand. The comprehensive marketing plan included integrated online media, a social media presence and complete websites for the key market segments.

To see some of the campaign creative, visit our portfolio.