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Helping The Goodyear Blimp Soar Higher Than Ever


  • 13.6% Improvement in bounce rate compared to previous Blimp website
  • 4:28 Average time spent on new site


Although Goodyear possessed one of the greatest marketing assets known throughout the world, the Goodyear Blimp, the Blimp's website was functionally outdated, extremely technical in nature and suffering from poor engagement.


The Goodyear Blimp has a following of fanatics—including more than 34,000 Facebook fans—who have strong emotional ties and connections to the airship. We can tap into that passion by creating an interactive site that tells the Blimp's story in an engaging and entertaining way.


hfa's solution was to fully immerse consumers into a Blimp experience that included content around its history and legacy, the pilots and crew, the ins and outs of the airship and much more.

We redesigned the Goodyear Blimp website to transform it from a copy-heavy, technically focused information hub to an interactive, engaging destination that told a story of the creativity, innovation and passion behind the Blimp.

Since hfa made the site responsive and more visually appealing, while also adding unique content that included a flippable history book and an interactive map of Blimp sightings, the site has become an interactive destination for Blimp fans around the world.

Check out the Goodyear Blimp website in our portfolio.