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Improving The Vitals Of A Healthcare Brand


  • 7% Increase in unaided awareness while that of the competition decreased
  • #1 Consumer-ranked hospital in the area for health and wellness programs
  • #1 Consumer-ranked hospital in the area for focus on community health and wellness


Akron General Health System needed to increase brand awareness and preference. In a market known for exceptional healthcare, advanced expertise was not enough to make the brand stand out.


Consumers want more than treatment when they’re sick or injured. They crave an open, ongoing dialogue with their healthcare providers. They want to be understood, guided and respected as human beings no matter what their health needs at any given time.


hfa developed a new brand position and strategy that focused on Akron General’s commitment to strong, two-way communication and collaboration with consumers, whether they need a specialized treatment or help with overall wellness. Messaging acknowledged that each person is unique and offered continual support to help overcome any health challenge, big or small. A targeted campaign included television, radio, print, outdoor and online media, as well as community sponsorships.