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Guiding Goodyear Into A Digital Future

With the help of hfa, Goodyear collected 1,550 leads at their annual North American Dealer Conference.


  • 3,532 Surveys taken with the Dealer Conference app
  • 90% Of attendees participated in event RFID tracking
  • 42% Of Dealers qualified for the chance to win premium prizes in the game portion of the event
  • 1,550 Leads collected on associate-manned lead generation tablets


As shopping habits of consumers have evolved and become more digital, the tire industry has lagged behind. Goodyear's annual Dealer Conference was an opportunity for Goodyear to become a category leader, setting the stage for a more engaging experience.


Dealers were the gateway to the digital evolution of the shopping experience. Nothing would change unless they embraced the new trends and understood Millennial shopping habits. By creating an exciting, relevant experience, we showed Dealers how the digital experience was relevant to them—and how they could use it to connect with their customers and improve business.


The 2015 Goodyear Dealer Conference was the perfect opportunity to immerse Dealers in a more interactive experience and encourage the adoption of these new shopping trends. We proposed an overall digital focus to reinforce the brand's tech-savvy approach and support the conference's Fast Forward theme. This experience came to life throughout the event in the form of an overall event app, RFID tracking technology, gamification, tablet lead generation and customized follow-ups post-conference. All of these digital touchpoints provided Dealers with the opportunity to win premium prizes during the event, encouraging participation and immersion.