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Giving Goodyear The Lead-Gen Edge


  • 1,550 Surveys collected on the lead generation tablets
  • 543 Participants opted to receive digital communication post-conference
  • 10% Leads classified as “hot”—highly interested and ready to take action


Goodyear did not have a consistent way to collect and follow up on leads after its annual Dealer Conference. It was impossible for sales associates to collect the lead information from the 2,000 attendees and to properly follow up post-conference.


In order to easily gather information from leads, we needed to make participation simple and fun. That meant creating a non-intimidating experience that gave Dealers a reason to participate and provide their information—without disrupting or complicating the Dealer Conference experience.


Associates with lead generation tablets were stationed at strategic locations on the tradeshow floor to discuss products, information requests and programs with Dealers. The tablets associates used contained custom surveys that collected data on each device. After the surveys were complete, the information was pulled into a spreadsheet where leads could be further analyzed. Dealers were evaluated on a hot, medium or cold scale to provide more insight regarding their interest level. By using this method, post-conference emails and sales associate follow-ups are possible throughout the year.