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Breaking New Ground With A Shed Materials Website


  • 90% Increase in traffic to LPShed.com within the first year
  • 155% Increase in user engagements that indicate future purchase intent
  • 422% Increase in advocacy and sharing
  • 275% Increase in dealer requests to be included in the "Where To Buy" section of the site


LP® wanted to reach homeowners directly to educate them about the unique, practical benefits of LP shed materials. There was an opportunity to be the first building materials brand with a complete website dedicated to shed messaging, but budget constraints limited the ability to develop, launch and drive traffic in one fiscal year.


While sheds are often considered purely functional, research showed that homeowners also care a great deal about how they look. They view sheds as extensions of their homes and seek the right combination of form and function.


hfa created a phased, multi-year plan for the development, launch and support of the new website. The concept used visual inspiration to showcase not only the products' premium appearance but also other differentiating benefits. Initial site features included a robust image gallery, a shed visualizer tool and more, with additional pages rolling out over time.