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Social Listening Helps Break Into the Market's Mindset on Home Security

Sometimes a smart way to learn anything starts with listening.

We recently published an article highlighting the Internet of Things, which is essentially the networking of everyday objects like cars, watches and even toothbrushes — or door locks. Considering our Home and Building expertise, we took particular interest in the innovations to door locks, a product that has seen almost no innovations for over a century.

So we wanted to pick the minds of consumers to unlock what they have to say about door locks, smart locks and residential entry in general. So how did we do it? We started by listening, of course. And in this case, we put our eyes and ears to social media.

Among the multitude of conversations we studied, six key themes emerged.

  1. 1. Reliability

    Unsurprisingly, the most common topic surrounding smart door locks is safety and security. Buyers want to know that when they invest in a smart lock for their home, it will reliably help keep their home and loved ones protected while remaining as easy to use as a traditional lock.

  2. 2. Control

    Digital connectivity gives users a strong sense of control; consumers regularly express the desire for the flexibility to lock and unlock doors remotely in cases such as forgetfulness, human error or changes in plan for the added peace of mind. Plus, with increased security and convenience, touchpad keyless entries are increasing in popularity; not worrying about keys or doors that automatically lock can reduce stress and reassure homeowners.

  3. 3. Maintenance

    Many social users voice concerns about maintaining old locks to ensure they remain secure or able to withstand harsh conditions that may cause freezing, rust or other troubles. There are also conversations across social platforms centered around tips and tricks to prolong proper lock function. This topic often leads to consideration of updating to modern smart locks in lieu of maintaining current locks or more traditional replacement measures.

  4. 4. Installation

    Conversations are most common for digital and smart locks, since they are still relatively new. Not only do people want to know more about the process, but they also want to know how these new types of locks will integrate with pre-existing locks and security measures. Traditional locks can also lead to questions surrounding proper installation of upgrades and replacements along with which kinds of locks are interchangeable.

  5. 5. Style

    Finding a balance between security and aesthetics can prove challenging, especially in a category that is undergoing its first major shift after decades of consistency. While looks are not a top priority for door locks, the conversation will pop up from time to time. Many new smart locks have sleek designs and LED interfaces, which is a drastic visual change that some welcome and others see as an eyesore. To keep up with evolving trends, many smart locks are being developed to meet a wide variety of tastes and style needs. Common choices can include materials, shape, interface style, LED color and more.

  6. 6. Smart Home Compatibility

    Smart locks have become just a part of the trending conversation around digitally connected home ecosystems. Locks are connected to smart lighting, thermostats and other security measures like interior and exterior cameras. Often paired with video recording technology, some digital smart locks even allow homeowners — no matter where they are — to check who is at their door, then unlock and relock as needed.

So what did we learn?
With a little social listening, we compiled a lot of useful information on a fairly new category. Smart locks bring a new twist on home security and consumers want to be sure upgraded locks are compatible with their homes and their lifestyles. A product category that has brought peace of mind for centuries now offers new opportunities for ease and convenience, and homeowners are excited about the potential improvement to quality of life — so long as they know they can experience a relatively simple transition.

Before you launch your next campaign, consider how an agency that performs social listening might be able to help your brand lock in on new, targeted and strategic consumer insights.