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Marketing Services Of Tomorrow: Win By Changing The Game

Brands and marketing agencies — especially digital marketing agencies — are constantly generating creative ideas and leveraging the latest technology. Yet often that isn't enough to launch a brand into the future. Why? Creative ideas are typically developed within specific parameters, to address specific marketing challenges that exist TODAY.

To get ahead, brands and their marketing firms need to be truly innovative. In other words, they need to introduce ideas that are entirely NEW. That means thinking not only about the challenges of today but also about the possibilities of tomorrow, proactively solving problems consumers may not even know they have yet.

How can we do that? Instead of focusing solely on specific, short-term goals, we also need to dedicate time to exploration as part of every brand strategy. And instead of thinking purely as companies, we need to empower individuals and small groups with the freedom to think differently — and act nimbly.

I recently experienced the power of such nimble exploration at a Digital Acceleration course by Hyper Island. Over the course of just three days, small teams of relative strangers were able to identify and even prototype innovations for a variety of brands. We came up with innovations in hardware, mobile apps and even software APIs. And if we can do all that in three days, imagine what we could do with more time.

Some of the greatest digital innovations of our time have been the result not of pre-existing large companies but rather of one person or a few people tinkering with a great idea on the side. Whether or not the same will hold true in the future will depend on how brands approach innovation today.

How will your brand innovate to stay relevant in the future? Get in touch to find out how we can help.