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Health & Wellness Brand Messaging: A Good Fit, Or A Stretch?

Consumers today are more health- and wellness-conscious than we used to be, and that has led to more and more people favoring an active lifestyle and wiser everyday choices.

It's no surprise that this trend directly affects industries such as healthcare, food, active wear, etc. But it can go so much further than that.


Creative marketers will consider opportunities to capitalize on health and wellness trends, even in categories with less obvious connections. For example:

  • Smartphones (Use your phone to guide and track your wellness progress.)
  • Tires (Off-road exploring, anyone?)
  • Cleaning products (Kill germs. Stay healthier.)
  • Bedding and mattresses (Sleep better. Have more energy to be active.)
  • Coolers (Spend the day outside, being active.)
  • Etc.

So how can you tell whether a health and wellness tie-in could work for your brand?


Obviously, the more target audience research you can do, the better. But one relatively easy way to gauge opportunity is to study conversations on social media.

Let's dig deeper regarding coolers, for example. Social listening reveals that there is ample conversation about coolers on social media, and plenty to learn from it. Here are just a few findings:

  • Most of the online conversation related to coolers (76%) happens on Twitter.
  • Exactly half of the online conversation is led by 36- to 50-year-olds, more than any other age group.
  • Those users are 62 – 67% male, depending on the social medium.
  • Conversation centers mostly around having fun, events, summer and being outdoors — topics easily linked to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Clearly there is a potential connection to health and wellness. The question is whether the engaged audience overlaps with your brand's. If so, you might be onto something — especially if your competitors haven't gone there yet.


Not every brand should jump on the health and wellness wagon, but it could be an opportunity for more brands than you'd think. To find out, use real insights and strong creative minds to explore potential paths. You may discover that associating your brand with wellness and active living can help make it stronger and healthier than ever.