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Don’t Let “Non-Brands” Threaten Your Established Name Brand

When vehicle manufacturers close their operations, the production of Original Equipment (OE) parts comes to a halt. So when drivers take their vehicles in for service, they learn that they can’t get trusted equipment for their “orphaned brands.” Many customers must then purchase components from “non-brands” they may never have heard of or used before. To the surprise and delight of many drivers, they discover that these “non-brand” parts perform just as well as the name-brand equipment they’re accustomed to.

As non-brand parts gain traction and market share, how do you maintain a strong foothold for your established brand? Acknowledge the threat, change your communications and give consumers a reason to believe.

When drivers have positive experiences with non-brand automotive parts, they begin to question the relevance of name brands. Is it worth the money? Am I just paying for the name? Could I save money by switching to a non-brand?

Address this uncertainty and remind drivers why it’s important to invest in name-brand automotive aftermarket products. Communicating with drivers in ways that truly resonate with them will help you prove name brands are a worthy investment. Building relationships and loyalty through frequent and relevant interaction will help your brand retain its leadership position.

An expert marketer in the automotive aftermarket category, hfa has extensive experience communicating with drivers in a meaningful way and at the right time and place. Contact us so we can help you eliminate the threat of non-brand cannibalization and support your brand in its quest for success.