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Deliver On Your Promise For Brand Health

Today's turbulent healthcare landscape can be difficult to understand and navigate. Health insurers and hospitals are losing consumer trust while retail health providers are carving space in the primary and urgent care markets. With 28% of consumers feeling frustrated by healthcare today, it's more important than ever for brands to deliver a satisfying consumer experience.

Why It Matters

As patients continue to behave more and more like consumers, their expectations of healthcare brands continue to evolve. They're paying closer attention to the cost of services, putting in time for research, and interacting with tools that simplify the process of obtaining healthcare:

  • 65% have searched online for health-related information in the past year
  • 32% have used a scheduling app
  • 24% of healthcare consumers have contacted a healthcare organization to ask for the price of a specific visit, test, treatment or surgery

The overall healthcare experience is also expected to reflect the comfort and hospitality of retail environments, and big brands are taking notice; healthcare systems and retailers such as Walgreens and Target are incorporating relevant, conversational messaging into their marketing. However, issues arise when those carefully tailored marketing messages don't align with consumer needs. This gap between the ideal consumer experience and real life erodes trust and devalues your brand.

What You Can Do

Take a fresh look at the messages your healthcare brand is communicating to your market.

  • Are your messages aligned with what healthcare consumers are seeking?
  • Are you delivering on those expectations every time a consumer engages with your brand?

Learn from non-healthcare brands that are creating loyal customers through exceptional brand experiences.

  • Seamless integration of information
  • Relevant and engaging digital tools
  • Recognition that consumer time is valuable

Consumers don't expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to be consistent and acknowledge their concerns. By offering transparency, you build consumer trust, keeping your brand relevant and top of mind in the competitive healthcare market.

Source: What's Inside the Mind of the Digital Healthcare Consumer? Klein & Partners, 2015