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3 Steps to Supercharge Automotive Sales to Women

Women have a more powerful influence on purchase decisions in the automotive category than ever before. A commonly untapped audience, women present a huge growth opportunity for companies if they’re willing to evolve. Execute the following steps, and you’ll be on your way to winning over these prospects.

1. Understand The Opportunities

Many automotive companies are missing the mark by not communicating with women. This gives your brand even more potential to own this space and become the industry go-to for the female demographic. Need proof? Check out these statistics on the buying power of females in the automotive market. The numbers say it all.

Women spend more than $200 billion on new cars and vehicle service each year1

  • 90% of women are actively involved in their car maintenance and purchasing decisions2
  • 34% of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) audience is female, a percentage that has been steadily rising over the past 20 years3
  • 25% of female DIYers tackle medium maintenance jobs including installing new brakes, replacing ignition parts, installing mufflers or exhaust systems and replacing shock absorbers4

2. Talk Directly To Women

Automotive marketing – especially for aftermarket products – is traditionally skewed toward male audiences. Women are taking notice and feeling strongly disconnected, because how they shop and make decisions is extremely different from men. Here’s evidence that women are eager for brands that understand their needs and can act on them:

  • 74% of women feel automotive marketers could understand them better1
  • 80% of females are not satisfied with the automotive service and repairs they receive3
  • 89% of women feel they are treated differently because of their gender3

3. Work With Experts In Targeted Marketing

The key to successfully communicating with women is to understand their mind-sets, triggers, needs, influencers and purchase journeys. hfa is experienced in leveraging the best strategies to efficiently reach audiences with the right messages at the right time and place. Contact us so we can put our insights into practice for you. Let us work with you to engage shoppers in meaningful interactions that drive brand preference and help your business grow.

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