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Hooking Up New Service Opportunities for Goodyear®


  • 17,000 Downloads of the TOW365 app
  • 16,000 Tows generated by the TOW365 program
  • $6.4 MM* In revenue generated from the program


Goodyear needed to drive more service business to its Tire & Service Network Dealer locations around the country to diversify revenue streams and change the perception of drivers that Goodyear was only in the business of selling tires.


When a driver’s car breaks down on the road, it’s a stressful situation in a potentially unfamiliar area. But by leveraging the expert knowledge of Goodyear’s Dealer network and the Dealers’ relationships with local towing providers, we can get these drivers back on the road faster and get more service traffic to Dealers in the process.


hfa helped Goodyear launch TOW365, a program that allows drivers to call one toll-free phone number for a tow in the continental United States to the nearest Goodyear Tire & Service Network Dealer location. The program came to life through in-store, online and Dealer-focus communications, along with a TOW365 mobile app that made the process even easier.

The app instantly connects drivers with the TOW365 call center, includes a “Locate Me” function to help drivers find their location in unfamiliar areas and stores vehicle information to make the process even more streamlined.

Visit our portfolio to check out TOW365 for yourself.

*Projected revenue is based on historical data from Goodyear Company Owned Outlets.